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vixen porta ii handle

vixen porta ii handle. control handles. The “World-Standard” dovetail attachment system on the Porta II was developed by Vixen. This allows the. Porta II to accept various dovetail  Selling my Porta II mount as it will not handle my new (heavier) scope. It has four months of warranty still remaining (original receipt will be  Video embedded · Vixen s A80Mf Refractor Telescope is paired with the Porta II Mount. A little larger than a typical beginner scope, you can learn the sky and see the … The Vixen Porta II Mount comes equipped with two fine adjustment handles for whole circle slow motion in both directions, very useful in searching and tracking  Vixen VMC110L Modified Cassegrain Telescope with Porta II Mount Vixen PORTA II Altazimuth Mount with Flex Handles - The Porta II is a  The Vixen Porta II is a solid alt-azimuth mount with a 6.8kg (15lb) payload capacity that is Smooth elevation and azimuth control handles for easy tracking. Vixen A70lf with Porta II. The A70lf / Porta II Package is complete with Porta II Mount with locking extension legs, accessory tray, flexible handle slow motion  Oct 20, 2010 · VMC110L from Vixen telescope takes modified cassegrain Maksutov-Cassegrain model. With a base value (MAP) of about 380, it would be difficult to find It is true that the Vixen Porta II can handle 20 lbs of load capacity I have a long refractor (near 36 inch long, 11 lbs), will the Vixen Porta II